ASPCRO's Hall of Fame Inductees

The ASPCRO's Hall of Fame award recognizes those individuals whose contributions and exemplary service to the Association helped to improve the professionalism of regulation of the structural pest control industry.


Robert A. Moncrief Georgia 1997
Francis Robert Du Chanois Florida 1998
Ralph Heal NPCA 1998
Charlie Chapman Texas 1999
Harmon "Johnnie" Johnston Forest Service 2000
Robert Horne McCarty Mississippi 2001
Lonnie Mathews New Mexico 2002
Bennie Mathis Texas 2003
Don Alexander Arkansas 2004
Jimmy Arceneaux Louisiana 2005
Robert Wulfhorst Ohio 2006
Carl Falco North Carolina 2007
James Harron Georgia 2009
Dave Scott Indiana 2010
Jim Wright South Carolina 2011
Brian Forschler Univ. of Georgia 2012
Robert Rosenberg NPMA 2013
Michael Page Florida 2015
Bonnie M. Rabe New Mexico 2017
Derrick Lastinger
Georgia 2022